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While water-based fire sprinkler systems are a great choice for the majority of businesses due to their simplicity and affordability, foam-based systems are ideal for certain industries which need a heavy-duty fire suppression system that can extinguish fires in a matter of seconds. This includes aircraft hangars and railroad yards where there are large amounts of fuel or other flammable liquids being stored.

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Which Industries Can Benefit from a Foam Fire Suppression System?

Foam fire suppression systems aren’t recommended for the majority of commercial businesses, as they are more technical, costly, and complex to install. These systems are only ideal in areas where there are flammable or combustible liquids such as fuel. These are commonly used in the following areas:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Jet engine testing facilities
  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Warehouses
  • Railroad yards
  • Chemical companies
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Benefits of a Foam-Based Fire Sprinkler System

Some of the biggest benefits of installing a foam-based fire system include:

Quickly Stopping Fires from Spreading

When a fire spreads in a warehouse or aircraft hangar, foam-based systems drop the foam from fans above. The foam essentially acts as a blanket to prevent the fire from spreading. These systems are ideal for large areas where you need a fire suppressed very quickly.

Limits Damage and Loss of Life

Fuel fires can have catastrophic consequences if they’re not quickly extinguished. To prevent loss of life and complete damage of the facility and belongings, a foam-based system is recommended in these environments.

Environmentally Friendly

The foam agent poses very little threat to the environment, and it can be disposed of, in most cases, in sewage treatment plants and natural environments.

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