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Whether you’re constructing a brand-new commercial building or retrofitting an older facility, your project isn’t complete until you have a fully functional fire suppression system design in place. Fire protection systems are required in commercial settings and are designed to help protect customers, employees, and visitors to the facility, as well as limit damage to the building and its property. Get your construction project started off on the right foot by contacting Millennium Fire Protection to engineer and design your new fire protection system.

What Do Fire Engineering and Design System Services Include?

Every fire suppression, life safety design, and installation project requires a thorough understanding of your objectives. From the beginning, our team of designers and engineers work closely with you and the appropriate fire officials to ensure the design meets:

  • Your objectives
  • Your insurance requirements
  • The latest national, state, and local fire codes and specifications

Millennium Fire Protection manages every step of the project:

  • Permitting
  • Fabricating
  • Installation
  • Final Acceptance

Clients also receive detailed computerized drawings, precise calculations, and product data.

The Importance of Properly Designing a Commercial Fire Protection System

Designing, engineering, and installing the right fire suppression and life safety system in your commercial building is of critical importance. An improperly designed system can put the lives of your employees and customers at risk, and lead to significant damage to the property. When designing and engineering a commercial fire system, you must take into consideration the usage of the building, codes, structure, and other installed systems to ensure everything functions together properly and you’re in compliance with all fire codes.

That’s where MFPC comes in. We’ll ensure your fire suppression system is properly installed so it’s ready if you ever need it.

Full-Service Solutions

MFPC provides scoping and engineering services, as well as end-to-end design-build projects. Once design and engineering are complete, we will install the project at your site. Millennium Fire Protection has been in business since 2005 and has steadily separated itself as the leading and most reputable supplies of fire suppression systems on the West Coast. To learn more about our design and engineering services, contact MFPC today.

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