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Your company’s fire suppression and life-saving system are tasked with the critical job of keeping your building and occupants safe in the event of a fire. But since many of these systems sit idle for years, how do you know if yours will perform its job when called upon? That’s where regular maintenance and testing services for fire protection systems come in.

How Often Should Fire Protection Systems be Tested?

Properly functioning fire sprinklers help increase the chances of occupants safely escaping a fire, so it makes sense to ensure these systems are working properly through regular maintenance and testing. In most commercial settings, it’s recommended to have the fire system inspected on an Annual basis, although this service can be performed as frequently as every nine months and as late as 15 months, in accordance with NFPA 25.

For example, fire suppression systems in hospitals and medical facilities should typically be performed Quarterly. Contact Millennium Fire Protection to learn how often your business’ fire sprinkler system should be inspected or to schedule maintenance service.

What’s Performed During Fire System Maintenance and Testing?

When you contact Millennium Fire Protection for regular maintenance and testing services, our professionals will:

  • Thoroughly inspect the entire system
  • Identify any deficiencies
  • Make all appropriate repairs
  • Ensure your system is in good working order
  • Ensure your system in compliance with all applicable codes and insurance requirements

Benefits of Maintaining and Testing Your Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Ensuring regular maintenance is performed on your buildings fire system provides the following benefits:

Ensures the fire system is operational when needed.

Maintains the trust of customers and employees.

Creates a safe working environment.

Prevents fees and fines for noncompliance.

Eliminates stress during unannounced fire marshal inspections.

Promotes the longevity of your fire protection system.

Provides peace of mind.

Comprehensive Maintenance and Testing Services

Millennium Fire Protection understands the safety of your employees, customers and visitors is reliant on a properly functioning fire sprinkler system. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance and testing services for all types of fire suppression systems so you’ll have the confidence of knowing the system will operate properly when called upon. Contact us today or visit our sister company, IPS Fire, to learn more about our services.

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