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When it comes to keeping your commercial building and its occupants safe in the event of a fire, more companies trust water-based fire sprinkler systems than any other type of fire suppression system. A working fire sprinkler system is required by code and is the best line of defense for protecting the lives of employees, customers, and property during a fire.

water-based fire protection

What Are the Benefits of Wet Sprinkler Systems?

Let’s discuss some of the benefits associated with water-based fire sprinkler systems:

Low Maintenance and Costs

Water-based sprinkler systems are the most affordable to install compared to other systems such as dry pipe fire sprinkler systems, and they need relatively little maintenance due to their simplistic design. Although regular maintenance is required for these systems, it can be performed rather quickly and efficiently.

System Reliability

Wet pipe sprinkler systems have the least amount of components, so they are less likely to break down compared to more sophisticated systems. Knowing the system is ready even after sitting idle for years gives you the peace of mind knowing your building is protected in the case of a fire.

Little Down Time after a Fire

After a water-based fire sprinkler system is used to distinguish a fire, it can be restored to working condition quickly and efficiently. In most cases, the fused sprinkler heads need to be replaced and the water supply turned back on.

Cons of Water-Based Sprinklers

There are very few negatives when choosing a water-based sprinkler for your fire suppression system. But it’s important to note that in colder climates, there is always the risk of frozen pipes when the temperature reaches 40 degrees or lower. When the pipes develop a leak, there is the risk of extensive water damage.

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